For Candidates:


  • You will work with a team of recruitment specialists who are 100% dedicated to you.
  • Your application takes precedence over employers.
  • You get the best advice and details to have a successful interview.
  • We offer you consultancy regarding the preparation of the file
  • 24/7 support

For Candidates:

Bolojobs is a top recruitment agency in different sectors, placing personnel starting from lower positions, to management and executive jobs in Romania, Europe and UK. 

We are able to offer you a high variety of jobs, please feel free to contact us anytime.

For employees

For employees
Research shows that Romanians are willing to take up employment abroad. They want all administrative issues related to employment to take place in Romania. We do not trust foreign representatives of companies, and being employed by an agency means much fewer documents, which is often quite complicated in Romania (and abroad).
Applying for a job through an agency brings many benefits. A candidate can count on professional and consulting services, and the recruitment process is carried out by people qualified in this field. Furthermore, the agency tries to provide the candidate with another suitable job, if the one he applied for is not suitable.

In addition, when you choose a job offered by a recruitment agency, you will also be able to count on:

  • organized transfer to the destination (free or for a fee)
  • accommodation (on request – deducted from salary or not)
  • translation of employment documents, etc.

Is the recruitment agency a good solution for you?
If you are not a person who embraces the risk, you do not know foreign languages ​​or foreign laws well, you should definitely look for the offers proposed by employment agencies. Going abroad is associated with enough stress, is it worth adding additional worries?
If you want to know more details about the hiring process, you can contact us.